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April 21, 2014
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Toolkit for Work-based Learning Programs

Whether you are an adult educator working with a business to help them design and implement work-based learning programs, or a manager / trainer designing such programs for your own organization, the following template tools will help you organize your thinking and action plans.

Analysis and evaluation tools follow. We have not included various curriculum design, development and implementation tools, as there are many such resources available elsewhere. A solid approach to analyzing needs, and evaluating program results, however, will help you make the business case for investments in work-based learning programs.

Resources for funding can be found in the Funding Sources section.

These tools can be downloaded in .pdf format and printed off this site, and adapted to your particular circumstances.
Download the document in Word (.doc) format (or right click the link and save "target as" or "link as" to your drive), if you wish to edit it for your own use. (Please note that some browser versions may prompt you to "Enter a Network Password" before downloading. Simply click "cancel" to proceed with the download.)
Some of these tools are on links to other sites. (Note:Those that are from require that you register with this site to gain access to these resources. This is well worth the few minutes it takes to do this, as there are excellent resources available at this site.)

Needs Analysis Tools
Adobe - .pdf format Word - .doc format
Gap Analysis of Workplace Needs Gap Analysis of Workplace Needs
Workplace Audit Interview Questions Workplace Audit Interview Questions
Establishing a Learner Profile Establishing a Learner Profile
Writing Good Learning Objectives Writing Good Learning Objectives
Work-based Learning Plan Work-based Learning Plan
Links to Other Tools

Hiring an Effective Trainer
Training Planning Questions
Industrial Skills Assessment Test

The US Department of Labor’s "mySkills myFuture" site is designed to help those with previous work experience match their existing skills to new occupations.

My Next Move is an on-line tool aimed at providing jobseekers with information on more than 900 occupations, as well as local job openings and training opportunities in a simple, user-friendly format.

Evaluation Tools
Adobe PDF format Word - .doc format
The Evaluation Framework The Evaluation Framework
ROI Worksheet for a Work-based Learning Program ROI Worksheet for a Work-based Learning Program
ROI Formula for a Work-based Learning Program ROI Formula for a Work-based Learning Program
ROI Formula for a Workforce Development Program ROI Formula for a Workforce Development Program
Basic Skills Gains Assessment Sheet available in PDF only
Economic Benefits of Basic Skills Training Checklist available in PDF only
Employer Guide to Adult Education for Work available in PDF only
Links to Other Tools
Literacy in the Workplace: Five Fact Sheets
Employee Training Feedback Form
Guiding Principles for Training ROI

Mentoring Program Evaluation Form
ROI Formulas for Technology-based Training

Training ROI Payoff Calculator
Improving Workforce Services for Business - Marketing Approaches

For a detailed approach on how to conduct effective evaluations of workplace education efforts, and tie these to organizational objectives via a Balanced Scorecard approach, see, another U.S. Department of Education sponsored site.
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