Best Captains of All Time

Best Captains of All Time

The captain seems to be a spirit in a team, no exception for soccer. Their existence is very important to lead the team while on the field, as an extension of the coach. In addition to having a vision of play, leadership and dignity absolutely owned a captain in the football team. In addition to being the commander of his team mates in the field, the figure of the captain also be a role model outside the field. Of the many captains of the team, there are some of the best captains in football history.

Best Captains of All Time


This Brazilian legend deserves to be ranked first as the best captain, given the achievements he achieved. In fact he can be called as one of the best players of all time who ever owned the world of football. Throughout his career he scored over 1000 goals and made him the most deadly attacker.

The player is nicknamed O Rey or that means the King became the best captain of Santos in a few years in the ’60s. Under Pele’s leadership, the Brazilian club has been through the most productive period. The first trophy for Pelé with Santos is Campeonato Paulista or the league champions where Pelé is amazingly out as the top scorer with 56 goals, a record that has survived until now.

Throughout his career at Santos, Pele has presented 10 trophies Campeonato Paulista, 4 Torneio Rio-Sao Paulo trophies, 5 Brazil Taca trophies, 1 trophy of Recopa Int and Torneio Roberto Gomes Pedrosa trophy. Santos later participated in the Copa Libertadores, South America’s most prestigious tournament, where Pelé successfully led Santos to the trophy twice in 1962 and 1963 and became Top Scorer of the tournament in 1965. Pele continued to succeed with Santos until the end of his career.

Raul Gonzales

Cristiano Ronaldo may wear jersey number 7 at Real Madrid this time, but every Madridista-a loyal supporter of Madrid-certainly cannot forget who the legend behind number 7. He is Raul Gonzales who throughout his career with Los Blancos-nickname Madrid-, reap a lot of success .

Raul is probably the biggest player ever to wear a Madrid jersey, only Alfredo Di Stefano can compete with him. After Fernando Hierro retired from the Spanish national team in 2002, Raul became captain for Real Madrid and Spain. He became one of the most dangerous attackers who ever played for Madrid, for 16 years at the Santiago Bernabeu-stables Madrid-. Raul Gonzales Real Madrid

He ranks 12th for top scorer in the history of La Liga with 323 goals from 741 matches. All of the goals he scored with Real Madrid, and it makes him ranked third as top scorer at Real Madrid all the time. Until finally in 2010, Raul left the Bernabeu.

Alessandro Del Piero

Who does not know Alessandro Del Piero while still in Juventus. Throughout his 19-year career with Old Lady-nicknamed Juve, he has collected 700 appearances and scored 289 goals. He became one of the most influential captains in Juventus history. Together with a team of black and white, Del Piero has offered 7 trophies Serie A scudetto, 1 Champions League and other titles. Turin’s public love for him can be seen when Juve decided not to renew his contract, the Juventini-a loyal fan of Juve’s fans-protested loudly to the club.

Not just a matter of titles, captain Del Piero presents real loyalty to Juve, an example that makes him increasingly admired and respected in football. In 2006, Juventus relegated to Serie B and lost two Serie A titles 2004-05, 2005-06 due to a calciopoli scandal.

The club was soon abandoned a number of important pillars like Fabio Cannavaro, Gianluca Zambrotta, Patrick Vieira, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. However, Del Piero decided to stay at Juventus which means he is willing to play in Italian league second class competition. Del Piero could have moved on. He was 32 years old, but Del Piero is still one of the sharpest strikers in Italy. He packed 20 goals from 45 appearances in all competitions from 2005 to 2006.

There are three things that are so typical of Del Piero during active play. First, the goal-scoring process dubbed the media as Del Piero Zone. Del Piero often netted a goal after dribbling off the left side, then he fired a curling shot from outside the penalty box and the ball slammed into the top of the goal. Second, the expertise of Del Piero as the executor of a free kick. In 2008-2009, he regularly scored from the situation so that whenever he would execute a free kick, the atmosphere in the stadium was suddenly deserted. Third, celebrate a goal. After breaking into an opponent’s goal, Del Piero will run to the edge of the field in front of the fans, stretching his arms and sticking out his tongue.

Steven Gerrard

Liverpool and Steven Gerrard are like a unit in the last few decades. Even like the captain of the team nicknamed The Reds was almost not detached from his arm. Gerrard seems to have the ability to provide a very strong bond for the club and also his teammate. The 34-year-old is an inspiration to all the grazing players at Anfield-Liverpool stables. Not only respected friend, Gerrard is also the most respected player by both opponents as well as the loyal fans of Liverpool. steven gerrard liverpool captain

Gerrard was appointed captain by Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier ahead of the UEFA Cup tie against Olimpija Ljubljana on 15 October 2003. He replaced the previous captain, Sami Hyypia. In that game, Gerrard led the Reds to a 3-0 win at Anfield. After appearing in 678 games in Liverpool’s uniform, many people in the English Premier League believe that Gerrard is the best captain in the world of football. On the field, he is a great leader. You can see the goals, the bait, and the tackle he made; how to inspire the team. But, off the pitch he also showed a very good attitude. He is a very nice person and everyone in the squad knows they can hang out with him.

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