5 Best Movies about Football that You Need to Watch Before You Die

5 Best Movies about Football that You Need to Watch Before You Die

Football is not about the sport. It is now a culture that can be accessed in any forms, including motion picture. Since football is still the number one sport in the world, played by millions of people around the globe, there is no doubt that the fans of the sport are scattered everywhere in the world. That is why to enjoy football, watching the match is not the only thing that people can do. They can do many things else, including watching movies about football. To this day, there are plenty of movies about football that have been made. They basically give the audience interesting storylines about the sport and people involving in it. If you love football and you love watching movies as well, there are quite a lot of recommended movies about football to watch. However, these 5 movies below are considered to be the best of all. You really need to watch them if you love football because these movies below portray everything you love about the game.


Fever Pitch

The first movie on this list is called ‘Fever Pitch’. It is a beautiful adaptation of a novel of the same title written by Nick Hornby. The cinematic portrayal of the bestselling autobiographical novel is out of this world. It captures every chapter on the novel perfectly. The movie (and the book) is mainly about a back-and-forth flashback of Hornby’s first 30 years of life. There is a huge portion as well in the movie about Arsenal and how they triumphantly claimed the 1998-1999 title-winning season in the Premier League. Everything is presented through the perspective a middle-class Gunner. The movie becomes more interesting because life spices such as daily struggling and workplace romance are also added. This movie will give you chills as it is a perfect portrayal of football fandom at its finest.

The Damned United

The movie is about Brian Clough. He was once dubbed “best manager England never had” but many people do not know his story behind the curtain. The storyline in ‘The Damned United’ mostly zooms about the worst days of Brian Clough’s career, including the unfortunate 44 days of his career when he was appointed as the manager of Leeds United. Set in the mid-70s, the audience will be presented by moving story about Brian Clough’s life and career. The story is mostly told through a series of flashbacks. It is a beautiful story with all the elements of football in it. It surely is one of the best movies about football that you have watch. It will make you realize that being a coach or manager is not as easy as it seems. sbobet casino


Goal! The Dream Begins

Playing for a team in a Premier League is probably a dream for every player, especially for those who come from unfortunate background. This is the ‘Goal! The Dream Begins’ movie is all about. It is about a silly dream of a poor boy comes into reality. The main character of the movie is Santiago Munez. He is a young, football-talented Mexican immigrant who lives in Los Angeles. He loves football and his only dream is to play alongside Alan Shearer for Newcastle United in the Premier League. Through the movie, the audience will be taken to examine Munez’s struggle and hard-work and see how they are all worth it in the end. The movie is a successful one and eventually turns into a trilogy. The sequel of this movie is all about Munez’s career where he managed to play for Real Madrid in the end. The movie is great for teaching young people to keep dreaming and fighting for the dream regardless of the condition and background.

 Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

This is the only documentary movie on this list. Who does not know Zinedine Zidane? The legendary player from France is indeed one of the best players the world ever had. This movie is about Zidane’s career and magic on the pitch. The movie was created in great viewing concept, making the audience drown perfectly to the story line and to Zidane’s life and career. The movie is created by two talented video artists, Douglas Gordon and Philippe Pareno. Numerous footages were constructed together into a beautiful movie that can be watched and enjoyed. The movie mostly zooms about Zidane’s career in Real Madrid as a player. It is a beautiful movie and if really love Zidane and you want to know better about his life and his career, this movie is a must see for you. This movie certainly unveils Zidane’s untold story. Zidane-A-21st-Century-Portrait

Green Street Hooligans

Football-related movies do not always have to be about the match and about the events happen on the pitch. This movie ‘Green Street Hooligans’ is all about the supporters. This movie portrays perfectly how football is a massive deal in England and a lot of people grow serious affection to the football team they support. The movie gives an in-depth depiction of hooliganism across the country. The storyline is basically about an expelled Harvard student who eventually joins the West Ham supporter community called ‘Green Street Elite’. Their loves for West Ham are enormous and it leads to lots of chaos and violence. However, in the end the audience will be shown that football is after all a beautiful game and supporters are just expressing their passion for the team they truly love.

Those are the five movies about football that will really give you satisfaction. They portray the sport perfectly and make you love the sport even more. That is why if you have leisure time and you do not feel of playing football with your friends, watching those movies above on the list will be equally entertaining. Beside of those five movies above, surely there are still a lot of movies about football that you can watch. Movies like “Bend It Like Beckham”, “The Football Factory”, “Looking for Eric”, “Escape to Victory”, and “The Miracle of Bern” are surely worth to watch as well.

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